Friday, February 10, 2006

Hooray for HOLLYWOOD!!!

Oh yes, dear friends, we have our own little town in South FLorida called Hollywood. Now, please try not to confuse these homes with the ones you see on T.V. in California.

MLS ID#: D1081593
Estimated payment:$1,536 Per Month*
3 Bed, 2 Bath 1,412 Sq. Ft.

Now this little beauty was built in 1957 so it has stood the test of time. And what do you get for your $329,000? Well.. just look at that new ok. how about that well manicured lawn.. ooops. Maybe the garage? Spacious lot? hmmm..5590 sq. ft. (.13 acre) Nope. But, you do have a septic sewer system and thankfully pets are allowed!

Now here is the (snicker) really funny part. See the $1,536 per month payment? That assumes you put down (snicker) only $65,800 with a 30 year 5.75% mortgage of only ( snicker) $263,200! Don't have that much cash burning a hole in your pocket? Only ( snicker) put down $16450 and with 5.75% mortgage at 30 years of (snicker) $312,550 you can own this gem for just $1824 a month!! ( that is before insurance, taxes, etc).

2 Bed, 1 Bath 0.14 Acres
Estimated payment:$1,611 Per Month*

Not thrilled? Ok how about this one.

Built in 1959... it's newer! Hey and look.. no messy lawn to mow! And the lot is bigger. (.14 acres) (snicker). And, 1 less bathroom to clean, WOW!
And with only ( snicker) $69,000 down, your monthly mortgage payment is just (snicker) $1,611 a month? A little short on cash? Ok, with just $17,250 down this baby is yours for the low monthly mortgage of (snicker) $1913.

706 N 31 CT HOLLYWOOD, FL 33021
MLS ID#: M1021139
3 Bed, 2 1588 Sq. Ft .0.15 Acres

Allright then .This is the one. Look.. it has a lawn. It has a tree! Why yes, you are right. It does look like a mobile home. Built in 1958 this baby has a TWO car carport and city water & sewer!

Now I did the math and with just ( snicker) $77,800 down, your monthly mortgage is ( snicker) only $ 1,820!! Oh... I forgot. You are kinda strapped... well with only $19,495 down you can park your pickup out back and hang that old tire on the tree and call this place yers for just (snicker) $2,162 a month. ( again before taxes, insurance, and all that silly stuff.)

Well, there you have it friends. Now you have seen the "other" Hollywood. I bet you think you saw Burt Reynolds in that last one, didn't you!!! Ha ha,,, gotcha!

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At 12:03 AM, Blogger Lander said...

I'm glad someone finally decided to adopt this bubble market. Long overdue. I look forward to reading more.

At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is complete craziness. I'd rather but $100k on an RV and park it in one of the lots around there. At least I can uproot when the monster hurricane comes this year.


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