Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miami Proves Again It's a Banana Republic

A Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge discovered more than 15,000 foreclosure cases filed this year haven’t been served.

You read that right- 15,000.
The reason this is so alarming (other than the obvious) is that cases where homeowners haven’t been served within four months are subject to dismissal.

Civil Division Administrative Judge Jennifer D. Bailey made the discovery last month as she was taking stock of the circuit’s foreclosure load. She noticed 15,219 cases with no letters of correspondence, no answers and no motions to dismiss. “In other words, no service,” she said.

The circuit is scrambling to find the root of the problem, which could jeopardize most of this year’s 17,000 foreclosure filings. Most of the cases still fall within the four-month window, but no program is in place to speed things up. If a foreclosure proceeds to a default judgment with no service on the defendants, it could lead to a title dispute down the road.

For now, the Court is in full panic mode. "Let’s assume a third of these are subject to dismissal. In my spare time, I’ve got to figure out ways to generate orders in 5,000 cases and pay for 5,000 stamps and serve everyone,” Bailey said. “Are we going to do that? Yes. Am I trying to figure it out? Yes.” “It all starts with service. If people don’t get served, all we’re doing is buying ourselves a bunch of title cases in six years,” the judge said.

The system is beginning to break down under the sheer case load and cutbacks due to the economy and loss of revenue.


At 11:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That would explain the shortage of available property for sale on the market. - I would say this is unbelievable... but then again this is South Florida... I guess it's not!


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